OSMOSIS Harmonized Water 100ml

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Anti-T Harmonized Water (formerly Anti-Testosterone) : Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)- Elevated Testosterone Levels
Breathe Harmonized Water : Improves Breathing- Reduces Sensitivity to Allergens- Enhance Athletic Performance                          
Cramp Free Harmonized Water Reduces Menstrual Symptoms- Relieves Discomfort- Calms Inflammation
Digestive Health Harmonized Water : IBS- Bowel Irregularity- Acid Reflux- Reduces Bloating- Rosacea- Psoriasis- Eczema
Energize Me Harmonized Water : Fatigue- Enhance Athletic Performance- Improve Energy
Environmental Protection Harmonized Water : Obesity- Environmental Toxicity- Dementia/Alzheimer's- Increases Immune System
Hangover Harmonized Water : Reduces Alcohol Toxicity- Minimizes Hangover Symptoms- Normalize Bodys Response to Alcohol
Hormone Balance Harmonized Water : Menopausal Symptoms
Inner Harmony Harmonized Water (blend of Natural Defense- Joint Health- Digestive Health- Cramp Free- Environmental Protection- Breathe- Neutralize- Organ Protection- Focus- Uplifting- and Rejuvenate Mind and Body)
Daily body & skin wellness- organ & toxin protection- digestive health- mental well-being
Joint Health Harmonized Water Arthritis- Muscle Soreness- Normalizes Joint Repair
Mosquito Harmonized Water Mosquito Protection
Natural Defense Harmonized Water (formerly Anti-Pathogen) IBS- Yeast Overgrowth- Strengthens Immune Deficency- Clears Acne- Eliminates Toxins- Eczema                                 
Neutralize Harmonized Water Acid Reflux- Muscle Soreness- Acidity
Organ Protection Harmonized Water Improves the Function of All Organs
Rejuvenate Mind & Body  Harmonized Water Improves Muscle Development- Rejuvenates cells- Enhances Mental Acuity- Improves Focus and Concentration- Depression- Dementia- Alzheimer's
Relax Harmonized Water Sleep Problems- Anxiety- Lessons Tension
UV Neutralizer (No Tan) Harmonized Water (formerly UV Protection) UV Protection- Neutralizes UV Radiation
UV Neutralizer (Tan Enhancing) Harmonized Water (formerly UV Protection) UV Protection- Neutralizes UV Radiation- Enhances Tanning Effect From Sun
Vigor Harmonized Water Enhances Testosterone- Increases Libido- Reduces Hair Loss
Women's Hair & Nails Harmonized Water Women's Hair Loss- Strengthen Weak Nails- Rejuvenates Hair Follicles

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